Monday, October 16, 2000

Today. What to say about today. I went running last night at about 3 in the morning. My legs are still hurting and it hurts to walk or bend them. That should teach me to go running. I didn't do much of anything else today - went to get groceries at the store, got my car washed. I got a parking ticket here at the University of South Carolina. I hate parking here. And we had a fire alarm go off while we were watching wrestling. I've done a little work on my web page and played a whole lot of Nintendo. Some school work was done today, but I just wanted to take it easy, you know?
I did a lot of thinking today. I've been hiding myself from the world. Everything I do is merely an act to find approval from peers. So, what would I really do? What do I want to do? Who am I really? I want to be happy. I want to find happiness. But honestly, I am not a happy person. I am a cynical, sarcastic bastard.
"So read up about how I got beat up, was on free lunch, got peed on and how I changed school every three months."~Eminem
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Sunday, October 15, 2000

My web page is at Slackerville. Visit and leave a messege.
Sometimes, I think that people with super powers do exist. They keep quiet because once people know what they can do, then they will be expected to help humanity and all that crap. We can thank comic books for that.

They say that there are more fish in the sea. Well, I'm allergic to fish and other types of seafood. I wonder what that means...

They say I am a sell-out. I didn't sell out. I bought in.

Profoundness makes me sleepy.

Its 9:04 in the PM. I am watching Half-Baked on tv and recording it. Yes, I know it is edited, but we are thet desperate to watch it. My roommate has a copy, but his friend borrowed it. Punk. Today, I actually did some productive stuff. I ate, I cleaned, I drove around with purpose. I did stuff. Not a whole lot, but I did stuff. Well, not much else. I am bored though. Seriously. I am bored.
I am sure I'll be posting more tonight. So, til then, keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars.