Sunday, November 12, 2000

I took the weekend off and went home. We celebrated my mother's birthday and had Thanksgiving dinner. We won't be together then, so it is all understandable. Being home sucks. As my friend would say, it was like having a cessarian section. And I don't know how painful that is or WILL ever know how painful it is, so I'll just let it slide. I saw Charlie's Angels this weekend. It was okay. Bill Murray. Wow. Its about time he got back in some main stream movies. He's not the same anymore. Ghostbusters movies were always good. Groundhog's Day was good. Operation: Dumbo Drop? No, Mr. Murray. No. He owns part of the Charleston RiverDogs Baseball Club (last time I heard). When I used to work there, I would get to make burrittos for him. Murray specials, they said. Its a burritto. Normal. Just oozing with stuff.
Anyway, its back to the scholastic grind riddled with Nintendo. Yes!